Most Memorable Spring Break Promo:Up to 60% off rs gold for RS Fans Apr.10

Thursday 4th April 2019


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If you are a fan of the TH promo, you’ll be very glad to hear that on Apr. 8, the RuneScape oddment store is going to have a series of runescape gold for sale new prizes like the Solite armour, Lunite armour and weapons dded in, and meanwhile have the Ninja Training and Deathbeard’s Demise moved out.

Hi!The new spring has reached a high pitch,Now A big Surprise on RSorder for you:Up to 60% off RuneScape gold and RuneScape 2007 gold for the high hope of your life in RS world at 3:00 AM GMT sharp on Apr.10!What are Oddment Store & oddment?

Briefly, the Oddments Store serves as a shop allowing you to exchange useful items and cosmetics with oddments, the currency that is used in Treasure Hunter, during an oddments promotion on Treasure Hunter. Oddments an be gained by claiming prizes like rarity from Treasure Hunter.

Addition of solite armour & more to oddment