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Saturday 24th August 2019
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After the battlefield is fully open, the national team will spring up like a mushroom, and all kinds of marshals will be in a constant stream. This is a very good thing. If you are technically hard and stable, go to sign up. After all, the marshal is not everyone can be, and then there are two ways to open the military uniform with wow classic gold cheap in the nostalgic suit,

Realms EU-EN :

Flamelash - PVP - EN
Gandling - PVP - EN
Mograine - PVP - EN
Razorgore - PVP - EN
Nethergarde Keep - PVE - EN

Realms US :

Incendius - PVP - Eastern
Westfall - PVP - Eastern
Bigglesworth - PVP - Pacific
Old Blanchy - PVP - Pacific

Blizzard blue post (Source from Blizzard Forum)

26 August 2019 19:00 , we will remove the limitation on only creating a total of three WoW Classic characters per WoW account. Thereafter, players will be able to create up to 10 characte